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Are you looking for the ultimate dessert experience, with unrivalled selection of choice and a perfect venue for any occasion? Here at Icestone Gelato we pride ourselves on our specialist range of desserts.

Discover the magic of our luxurious gelato, crepes, Belgian waffles or our popular hot cookie dough and sweet sundaes. Whether you are looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply want a sweet treat, Icestone Gelato has something for everyone!

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We offer an extensive range of desserts for you to choose from with a distinct focus on quality and customer care giving you the best service every time.

Keep updated with our exciting news and events on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter ! You can also upload your pictures of favourite desserts on Instagram using the hashtag #icestonegelato.

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Icestone Gelato is unprecedented in being the very first to offer a dessert restaurant experience in the heart of Yorkshire and has since attracted customers from all over the UK.

We have been offering our customers an unrivalled range of gelato whether you like the tradition vanilla flavour or something more unique, we cater for your individual requirements! We also offer an extensive range of desserts with our popular hot cookie dough and mouthwatering sundaes to give you the ultimate selection to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Why not visit one of our restaurants and experience the magic of our mouthwatering desserts for yourself! Come and celebrate your special occasions or events and give your loved ones a treat at Icestone Gelato making every day a special one.

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