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About Icestone Gelato

Icestone Gelato is the number one stop for a delectable range of gelato, desserts and hot puddings served and prepared freshly in house by our experienced staff.

Are you looking for the ultimate dessert experience, with unrivalled selection of choice and a perfect venue for any occasion? Here at Icestone Gelato we pride ourselves on our specialist range of desserts.

Discover the magic of our luxurious gelatos, crepes, Belgian waffles or our popular hot cookie dough and sweet sundaes. Whether you are looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply want a sweet treat, Icestone Gelato has something for everyone!

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We’re Expanding!

Icestone Gelato was not only the first company in Yorkshire to offer desserts in a Restaurant setting, but it has continued to grow both locally to it’s birthplace in Bradford, but as far away as Birmingham.

Now we are taking the exciting step of partnering up as franchise locations. In addition to Icestone’s own branches in Bradford, Batley, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Birmingham and Wolverhampton – you will soon be able to sample Icestone delights in Newcastle and Leicester with Jesmond and Durham in the pipeline too.

Franchising with
Icestone Gelato

Icestone Gelato desserts are hugely popular because it’s simply awesome! Fresh ingredients prepared using our perfected techniques and served with our exclusive range of signature and luxurious gelato, crepes, Belgian waffles or our popular hot cookie dough and sweet sundaes. Alongside the core menu an array of innovative new products are frequently introduced to excite our customer’s taste buds and invigorate store sales.

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